Putting customers first has always been the foundation of Garuda Metalindo's success. As customers needs and requirements and even businesses have evolved so has Garuda Metalindo.

Drawing on more then three decades of experience and knowledge gained from our international network, we strive to stay ahead of trends to anticipate what our customer need and work with them as partners to find solutions.

All Garuda Metalindo's products are meticulously designed, engineered with precision and go through rigorous quality checks in accordance with the automotive industry's most stringent requirements. The resulting product are of highest quality reliably and consistently meeting or exceeding customers' requirements.

This commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations is the driving factor behind Garuda Metalindo's growth in order to find ways to deliver more. Among others this philosophy has led to the Group's creation of a vertically integrated production process as an internal solution that enables us to offer quality time and cost benefits to customers.



  • Performane excellence is our commitment.
  • Innovation is our backbone for future growth.
  • Responsive in addressing every business opportunity and accepting challenges.
  • Proactive attitude as an integral step to accomplish our company objectives.
  • We grow by continuous Learning.
  • Initiative Projected by all levels management.
  • Always present the best Solution to customers.
  • Create a Health and Safe working environment for all employees.


Since our establishment in 1982, Garuda Metalindo has always been committed to deliver added value to our customers through continuous improvements in quality, cost competitiveness and on time delivery. The inspiration for the icon of our logo was the eagle’s wings; two overlapping wings illustrated in a modern way. The Eagle’s qualities perfectly embody our Company’s values: Strength, Far-reaching Vision, Perseverance and Sustainability.

Strength – the eagle is the strongest bird, able to fly to great heights, reflecting the aspiration of the Company to continuously grow and strengthen its position in the industry.

Vision – the eagle possesses powerful and far-reaching vision, in line with the Company’s commitment to always be visionary.

Perseverance – the eagle exhibits incredible perseverance and determination in pursuit of its prey, a quality that our Company strive to uphold in all aspects of what we do.

Sustainability – the eagle is exceptionally long-lived, symbolizing the aspiration of the Company to achieve Long Term Sustainability.

In 2017, we established a new logo and identity to mark the evolution of Garuda Metalindo a global brand. The new logo and identity consists of our company name in a clean, modern logotype using a sans serif font, with a triangular red accent to the left. This accent represents the simplified form of an eagle in flight, while the red color stands for boldness, innovation and strength.

As a whole, this new logo effectively conveys our innovative, streamlined and bold brand character for a modern age, while retaining the essence of the eagle spirit which has informed our journey throughout the decades as we spread our wings to explore new horizons.

Accompanying this new logo is a new tagline, "Fasteners and Engineered Components", which serves to explain our competencies and product capabilities.

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